How do toll-free numbers work in Brazil?

Toll-free numbers in Brazil are phone numbers that allow customers to call businesses without being charged for the call. Toll-free numbers are typically prefixed with the numbers 0800, 0808, 0500, 0300, and 0400. These numbers are free to call from landlines and mobile phones. The cost of the call is borne by the business that owns the number.

Are there any charges associated with calling toll-free numbers in Brazil?

No, calls to toll-free numbers in Brazil are free for the caller. The cost of the call is borne by the business that owns the number.

Are toll-free numbers universally free from all networks in Brazil?

Yes, toll-free numbers in Brazil are free to call from all networks.

How are toll-free calls billed for mobile users in Brazil?

Toll-free calls for mobile users in Brazil are billed to the business that owns the number. The cost of the call is borne by the business, not the caller.

Can toll-free numbers be accessed from Brazil?

Yes, toll-free numbers can be accessed from Brazil.

How can businesses get toll-free numbers in Brazil?

Businesses in Brazil can get toll-free numbers from their local telecom provider. The cost of the number will depend on the provider and the type of number. Businesses can also purchase toll-free numbers from a third-party provider. You can also utilise our in-app or click-to-call service if you wish to provide global toll-free calling to customers.

Real-World Examples

Toll-free numbers are widely used in Brazil by businesses of all sizes. For example, the popular Brazilian airline TAM Airlines has a toll-free number (0800-570-5700) that customers can call to book flights or get customer service.

Practical Tips

When choosing a toll-free number for your business in Brazil, it is important to consider the number sequence. Choose a number that is easy to remember and will be easy for customers to dial.


Toll-free numbers are a great way for businesses in Brazil to provide customers with free access to their services. They are easy to set up and can be used to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. For more information, please visit the website of the Brazilian telecom authority Anatel.