WordPress Click-To-Call Plug-in Enabling Instantaneous Global Toll-Free Calling*.

Connect-EZ Click-To-Call Plug-in for WordPress enables you to offer toll-free calling to all your site visitors. It’s a hassle-free solution for global communication that doesn’t involve any additional infrastructure. Your customers can now reach out to you without any concerns about the cost of their call. With our click2call plug-in, you can enjoy hassle-free global communication that helps you increase your sales and grow your business. Get started today with our easy-to-use WordPress plugin.

$14.99 per month • 14 day money back guarantee

Clients & Media

corporate logo horizontal fullcolour The new feature will allow customers anywhere in the world to reach us quickly and for free, when connected to a Wi-Fi or data service.

Caribbean Airlines, CEO

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Connect-EZ helps businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency, leading to improved customer satisfaction and potentially increased sales.


Communicate and increase sales.

More than 60% of site visitors would prefer to call the business, and only 14% send an email.

Quick setup with voicemail

There's no need to get a toll-free number with our Click-To-Call Plugin and takes less than 30 minutes to install and setup.

No numbers, no dialling.

Our solution is completely frictionless for the customer - there are no numbers to dial, distractions or hindrances.

Worldwide connectivity - without the cost.

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Try Now?



How long does it take to setup?
Basic package can be setup within 30 min.
What do I have to do?
1. Need to download our app or any softphone and signup to receive calls.
2. Install the WordPress Plugin on your site and sign up to make calls.
Is there a contract?
There are no contracts.
Is it only for WordPress?
Yes, currently the plugin only works on WordPress. We can custom code – pls get in touch for details.
Can I use on multiple sites?
Yes, you can use the plugin on multiple sites.
Can I have my own VM message?
Yes, we need a 45s msg to setup the account.

*Calls are redirected from your website to a softphone on your laptop/desktop or phone. You can download our Android or iPhone app or use your preferred softphone. Free setup if service paid for a year in advance.