Thought we’d add some thoughts about why we think email addresses are better identifiers than phone numbers in the digital age.
Remember phones were invented in 1876, that’s almost 150 years ago – hence, had to do with assigning numbers to individuals to be contacted. Initially there
However, personalised email addresses are ubiquitous – but the transition to using email addresses as an identifier on a large scale hasn’t happened, in spite of the following benefits:

  1. Email address is easy to remember,
  2. Permanent,
  3. Free,
  4. Accessible from any device,
  5. Usable from any data connection,
  6. Shows caller’s identity,
  7. Provides context,
  8. No need for expensive international dialing or roaming,
  9. Time and money saving,
  10. Helps manage communication.

One could argue that these are great for individuals, and how could businesses benefit from the above. If we go a step further from the above – we can actually see the following specific benefits for businesses:

  1. Sign up with your own company email address ( becomes your phone number),
  2. Never need to depend on phone numbers (don’t need to inform contacts of number changes),
  3. No need to share personal number,
  4. No SIM required – works on Wi-Fi. (No need to manage SIMS/numbers on behalf of employees),
  5. In case of loss/damage to phone – you can log on from any device (5-min),
  6. Network dependant – voice quality is at par with popular apps,
  7. Control over contacts (redirect calls to new user, when old employee leaves),
  8. Use as office extension without investment in expensive infrastructure (desktop extensions, wiring, IT support),
  9. Work-from-anywhere friendly,
  10. Immediately identify colleagues calls’ as they have registered with company credentials,
  11. Multiple email IDs redirecting to the same phone,
  12. No International Calling/Roaming charges (app-to-app),
  13. Can integrate with existing numbers and PBX,
  14. Save up to 80% on telecom costs – since all calls are on data packages,
  15. Call recording, if required.

The best part is that the system is completely self-help based and can be integrated with your web site or internal app. Please try it out from Google Play or Apple Store. Feel free to connect from Contact Us for any further details.