What does your app do?

Connect-EZ allows users to make and receive calls to email addresses from their cell phones (tablets and laptops soon)

Why is that important?

Phone numbers are generally not user-friendly and difficult to remember, also there is no need to have two (or more) unique identifiers in your life. One email address to be used for all kinds of communication.

How is it different from WhatsApp/Skype/Viber or other apps?

Whatsapp/Skype/Viber – most services work on phone numbers or their own USERID – nothing of the sort is required with Connect-EZ.

Great.. so another app to work with – and how do I block nuisance calls?

You will receive calls from your usual phone dialler interface, and they will appear in the call log history. You can mute calls, transfer to speakerphone/bluetooth like you do currently. In fact, you can block callers from the same familiar phone interface.

How much does it cost?

Our service is free, if you use a single email address on your device. Get in touch if you want to use multiple email addresses. You will however, use data from your Wi-Fi or cell phone data plan. The party being called will also need to have registered to the service.

Can it help my company?

Sure, there’s money to be saved as there’s no need to have contracts for phone lines with the cell phone company. No need to change numbers or pay roaming fee when traveling. All calls (video calls coming soon) work on the corporate email address.

What are your plans for the PSTN Shutdown in 2025?

Our favourite topic these. We just believe that the world should leapfrog from number based identifiers to email – much more convenient. Get more details here.

What if I want call waiting/forwarding and other telephony services?

What if I want call waiting/forwarding and other telephony services?

So what do I need to do?

Just download the Android app or the iOS app and follow the super-easy sign up process from your email address or gmail/facebook. Don’t forget to tell your friends and make free calls.

What if I lose my phone?

There are two options if you lose your phone:
1. You can setup a temporary password from the “Lost device” page and use any SIP phone (MicroSip etc.) and start receiving and making calls from your email.
2. You can re-register with the same email address from the Connect-EZ app and you will be online again.
In both cases, it will not be possible to make or receive calls from the old device.