The UK PSTN (public switched telephone network) or telephony that started more than a century-and-a-half ago (1876) is scheduled to be shutdown in 2025 – sooner if we can help it.

Although it has been a great enabler of communications, we believe telephony in its current form is expensive and built for a different time. At Connect-EZ we believe in IP (Internet Protocol) telephony and that’s what we aim to deliver – with no dependance on numbers or contracts or being tied down to a telephony provider on a borrowed identifier (telephone number). So we built a network that would allow you to decide what the identifier (email/domain etc.) is and how you want to use it.

Now this can sound new and difficult, but following are some great benefits:

Cost savings – no connection, rental or call charges, with free site-to-site calls. (No International Roaming/Calling when calling on the network).
No hardware – the system works on existing cell phones – so you don’t have to invest in hardphones.
No number dependance – the system works on a verified email address – there’s no dependance or need to manage SIMS/numbers.
No device dependance – we are device agnostic – you can use our Android or iOS app (test version) or use a desktop.
Business continuity – automatic re-routing to where you need them. Since there’s no device dependance you can be online within a few minutes in case of device loss/theft.
Fraud protection – calls can only be made/received from verified email addresses and cannot be spoofed.
Highly scalable – automatic capacity added when you need it.
Connecting people – connect remote workers and multiple offices.
Convergence – connects to the phone network via the same connection as your data services (if you really need to – charges apply).

If you really want to still use numbers – that’s also ok. We can quickly set you up with an IVR, call centre, or international number.

To summarise, we deliver:
One network
End-to-end connectivity
Completely bypass numbers/hassle
Easy to manage

So what do you want to do?
Get on with it? Download Android or iOS (test)
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