Connect-EZ offers its one of a kind click to call service that allows your website visitors to initiate instantaneous international toll-free calls to you wherever you might be. This helps you potentially get a chance to speak to almost every customer who visits your site and is interested in your services.

How does click to call work?

You will put a small snippet on your website (sign up below to get started with toll-free calls). Visitors to your site will just press this button and a call will land on your phone or call centre (hence click2call!). No dialing, no waiting, no guesswork, no numbers – just straight to the point verbal discussion with the potential client or lead. There are no phone numbers to get, no fixed IP addresses, no domains to register. Here’s a short demo of the click to call wordpress service:

Who is it for?

This is a great experience enhancer and cost saver for businesses that wish to offer toll-free calling service for sales or customer care. Customer do not need to pick up the phone or dial a number, just click on the button and the call goes through – eliminating any friction. A great cost saver is no need to get a separate number and redirect to your call centre.

Does it work internationally?

And that’s probably the best part! Yes our plugin works internationally (dependant on country regulations).

Where can I see this in action?

Easy – click on the button below.


Do you have a plugin?

Sure, we already have an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress, you can sign up from the area below and we’ll send you the relevant details.

How much would it cost?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch (for the basic version – calls redirect to your phone/laptop via our app). Take a look at our packages below and sign up now to get started.

Get started with toll-free calls!


Free Calling for SMBs

  • Call Now Button Frictionless calling
  • Real Toll-free International also!
  • Easy to use Implement immediately
  • Completely free *Fair use - 50 min/day


Professional touch

  • Basic +
  • Voicemail VM sent to email
  • Unlimited Calls Enjoy uninterrupted calling


PBX + Multiple Extensions

Contact Us
  • Starter +
  • PBX Calls directed to your PBX
  • Record Calls All calls get recorded


How long does it take to setup?
Basic package can be setup within 30 min.
What do I have to do?
1. Need to download our app or any softphone and signup to receive calls.
2. Install the WordPress Plugin on your site and sign up to make calls.
Is there a contract?
There are no contracts.
Is it only for WordPress?
Yes, currently the plugin only works on WordPress. We can custom code – pls get in touch for details.
Can I use on multiple sites?
Yes, you can use the plugin on multiple sites.

Can I use this as a virtual receptionist?
Sure, you can use the starter package as a virtual receptionist service.

Can I have my own VM message?
Yes, we need a 45s msg to setup the account.