In App Messaging and Voice Calling API & SDK

Mobile apps are everywhere and have become an important tool to deliver outstanding customer support and experience. Our messaging and voice calling API and SDK aims to change the status quo. Current customer support efforts have been limited to text messaging within the app, when it might be great to make in-app voice calls also known as “call in” functionality.

Connect-EZ provides an innovative API + SDK service that enables seamless integration of our click-to-call functionality into your own applications or platforms. With our API + SDK, you can empower your users to initiate instant international (or local) toll-free calls, creating a more efficient and effective communication experience.

How does the API + SDK service work?

By integrating our API + SDK into your applications, you gain access to our powerful click-to-call functionality. Your users will have the ability to initiate toll-free calls with a simple click, connecting them directly to your phone or call center. There’s no need for manual dialing or complicated setups – just straightforward verbal communication with potential clients or leads.

Who is the API + SDK service for?

Our API + SDK service is ideal for businesses that want to enhance the customer experience and reduce costs by offering toll-free calling services for sales or customer care. With our API + SDK, there’s no need for users to pick up the phone or dial a number; they can simply click on a button to initiate the call, eliminating any friction in the process. It also eliminates the need for a separate number and redirection to your call center, providing cost savings and operational efficiency.

Does the API + SDK service work internationally?

Absolutely! Our API + SDK service works internationally, subject to country regulations. Whether you have a global customer base or want to expand your reach beyond local boundaries, our API + SDK service allows for seamless international communication.

This is specially important in circumstances where people are stuck in different geographies and it may not be possible to make regular phone calls.

Where can I see the API + SDK service in action?

Take a look at a current live implementation at Caribbean Airlines:

Do you have an API + SDK available?

Yes, we have an easy-to-use API + SDK available for seamless integration into your applications.

Connect-EZ In App Voice Calling SDK and Messaging API

Our Messaging API + SDK enables businesses to make secure end-to-end in-app voice calls and messages from within their mobile app. Our fully customisable setup allows anonymous communication between customers and riders/drivers as well as with the call centre via a data connection only. This is a significant cost saving for both the caller and the company.

Voice calling and messaging setups can can be difficult and time-consuming, with our voice calling SDK you can focus on your business.

iOS and Android support
Call recording and retrieval

How do I sign up and get access to the developer portal?

Get in touch from the Contact Us section for further details or visit the developer portal to priority access to the API + SDK (beta) documentation and setup details.

Can I integrate your click-to-call service on my website?

Sure, our service works via website also. In fact, we have a WordPress click-to-call plugin available that you can install on your website right away. Get in touch if you are not using WordPress and we can try and help with the setup. Check it out: