Our business telephony services are extremely useful for organisations that need to manage SIMS and contracts for multiple employees. Since our app works with email addresses – there is no need to worry about replacement SIMS and numbers. In fact, voice and video calls can be made via Wi-Fi only. Take a look at how easy it is to sign up and starting making calls with our cloud hosted business telephony service.

What is Connect-EZ’s Business Telephony Service?

Connect-EZ’s Business Telephony Service is a cutting-edge communication solution designed to transform how businesses connect with their clients, partners, and team members. It offers a range of powerful features, including numberless contact details (email-based phone numbers), SIM-less operation on Wi-Fi, and seamless integration with existing numbers and PBX systems.

How does the Business Telephony Service work?

Our Business Telephony Service enables businesses to sign up with their company email address, instantly turning it into their phone number. Users can initiate toll-free calls by simply clicking a button, connecting them directly to their phone or call center. There’s no need for manual dialing, and communication is effortless.

Who is the Business Telephony Service for?

Our service is ideal for businesses looking to enhance the customer experience, take control of telephony, and reduce costs by offering toll-free calling services for sales, customer care or internal communications. It’s also perfect for companies that want a cost-effective office extension without investing in expensive infrastructure like desktop extensions, wiring, or IT support.

Does the Business Telephony Service work internationally?

Absolutely! Our service operates internationally, subject to country regulations. Whether you have a global customer base or want to expand your reach beyond local boundaries, our Corporate Telephony Service allows for seamless international communication.

What are the key benefits of the Business Telephony Service?

Instant Sign-Up: Download our app (both Android and iOS) and sign up with any email address for instant communication. Our user-friendly interface makes signing up a breeze, offering a seamless experience similar to Skype but with a stronger focus on voice calls.

Global Connectivity: Enjoy the flexibility to make and receive calls from/to the PSTN network. Choose from any country’s number, providing theoretically unlimited options for global communication. With our platform, you’ll always have a local number wherever you are in the world.

Target Audience: Our platform caters to both companies and individuals seeking quick accessibility and a local presence worldwide. Whether you’re a frequent traveler in need of seamless communication or a business maintaining multiple numbers across the globe, our platform is designed to meet your unique requirements.

Easy Sign-Up and Management: Sign up with your company email address and experience the ease of managing one or multiple accounts through our intuitive web-based interface. Our platform offers significantly simplified sign-up processes and comprehensive account management tools for effortless communication.

Our hosted Business Telephony Service offers a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Elimination of Phone Number Dependencies: Say goodbye to separate phone numbers and ensure consistent communication channels.
  • Personal Number Privacy: Keep personal and business calls separate, maintaining privacy and professionalism.
  • SIM-Less Operation on Wi-Fi: Simplify communication management without the hassle of managing multiple SIM cards.
  • Lost Device Recovery: Quickly recover access to communication capabilities in case of loss or damage to your device. Simply enter your registered email address on the “Lost device” page.
  • Network-Dependent Voice Quality: Experience crystal-clear communication with our network-dependent voice quality technology.
  • Efficient Contact Management: Streamline communication with efficient contact control and redirection features.
  • Cost-Effective Office Extension: Transform your business operations without heavy infrastructure investments.
  • Work-from-Anywhere Friendly: Stay connected from any location with our work-from-anywhere-friendly platform.
  • Colleague Identification: Easily identify and connect with team members for streamlined internal communication.
  • Multiple Email IDs, One Phone: Offer centralized access to communication channels with multiple email IDs on one phone.
  • No International Calling/Roaming Charges: Optimize cost-efficiency with no international calling or roaming charges.
  • Inbound PSTN Call Redirection: Easily redirect inbound calls using email addresses to specific departments or individuals.
  • Outbound PSTN Calling: Convenient bundles for outbound calling.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate seamlessly with existing numbers and PBX systems without disruptions.
  • Global Phone Number Redirection: Make global communication effortless with global phone number redirection features.
  • Telecom Cost Savings: Enjoy significant telecom cost savings of up to 80% with calls routed over data packages.
  • Optional Call Recording: Choose optional call recording for compliance or internal purposes, ensuring accountability and documentation.

Connect-EZ is the ideal VOIP phone in a world where more and more employees are either working from home or would prefer to BYOD. Test the app from:
Connect-EZ – Apps on Google Play
Connect-EZ – App Store

Is the service available cross-platform? App? Web?

Our business telephony service works cross platforms, check out our in-app calling and web based click-to-call service.

How can businesses sign up for the Telephony Service?

Getting started with our Telephony Service is easy. Simply sign up with your company email address to access the powerful features and elevate your communication capabilities. Empower your business with efficient and effective communication today!

We can setup a hosted/IP PBX/number selection and porting for seamless integration with our app. Get in touch today from the Contact Us form to discuss any specific requirements you may have or for a demo of the app.